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are they really free?

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Austin Dating: "Free" Personals Ads for Austin

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Most "Free Personals" Austin Dating sites for Austin Dating aren't free, they're FEE. So I investigated "Free Austin Dating" online sites, & am posting my results as reviews.

(PLEASE E-MAIL with any Austin Dating feedback) - this site is getting harder to run, in terms of recommending free austin dating, versus FEE austin dating sites.
my E-MAIL addy is listed at bottom of page.

i'm still trying to find high quality free - versus fee - austin dating sites. my experiences, and those of my friends, hasn't been very encouraging. (plentyofish in the only bona fide FREE austin dating place, but there are problems with the service)

you're best bet might be to join a free social network - like twitter - and scan the crowd for austin singles with like-minded interests. (facebook's more of a close community, if they don't know you or your friends, they're not usually open to dating you- or even answering your letter)

Happy dating!

LOVE THIS ONE -- a great dating site! for all over, not specifically just for austin dating, but plenty of hot austin honeys are registered.

take advantage of their free dating period to check it out. (this isn't officially a "free austin dating" site -- there's a fee to get a full-featured dating account. but this is BY FAR the coolest dating site i've come across recently, even just for prowling the free area -- file this one under "attached but looking for more", or "austin dating: meet married women seeking romantic affairs." WOOOOOO! this place is great! No phony profiles -- the women actually email you back, at least they did me)

very hot. girls dressed as vampires -- and it's not even halloween! austin dating for goths. SEXY austin goths. sorry, this one's FEE austin dating, NOT FREE austin dating.

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austin massage not free, not dating, but it IS austin, & I HAD to add it :)

got to mention: twitter & for austin dating

free austin dating, they are.
problems: has technical problems up the wazoo. lost email, frozen screens, etc. free austin dating THAT DOESN'T WORK most of the time is "free austin dating", but for some reason, all the hot austin girlies don't seem to write back. (hey, maybe it's me...) is free dating, has austin folks, but is geared for 18-25 year olds. also, all those animations & effects slow down and freeze your computer. too HIP for me, thank you very much.
twitter -not bad. if you want someone to date who lives a few countries away. also, not easy to locate local austin peeps to date, despite T's promises this kinda search was supposed to get easier

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i made a twitter austin dating page. come visit me!

austin dating - Free Austin Dating from -- so bad it DOESN'T RATE A LINK!
This Austin Dating page is one of those time-wasters. It's FREE, until you sign on, then free Austin Dating becomes Fee Austin Dating.
AVOID THIS SITE. Free Austin Dating may be AUSTIN dating -- but it's NOT FREE. You just get pics of the hotties... EVEN SEEING PROFILES COSTS!
Beware! Stay away! -- No free Austin Dating here!

"Austin Dating, Austin Singles"
(wow, the link i'd had here was so old, it was GEOCITIES- which hasn't been online for a year. MY BAD)

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now that you've hooked up with that exciting new romance, you want to look your best: this Austin Stylist comes highly recommended. (tell her you heard about her on the AUSTIN DATING WEBSITE, and you'll get a special Austin Dating website gift...)

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AUSTIN BEAUTY SALONS another good austin dating resource -- so you can be beautiful for your austin dating experience


outside of central market and some book stores, i'm sure there are any great free austin dating places.

plentyofish is FREE, so you won't get ripped off- but me and my friends had bad experiences there. (this was a year or so ago, i should re-explore there maybe)

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i'll keep researching this. check back often; I'll keep posting. should be interesting. (PLEASE E-MAIL with any Austin Dating feedback!)

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